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Lodge Activities Committee

The Activities Committee at the Danbury Elks Lodge

Planning and Organizing Activities: This is the primary role of the Lodge Activities Committee. They are responsible for formulating, organizing, and executing various social, recreational, and charitable events and programs for the lodge members and sometimes for the public.

Budget Management: The committee manages the budget for each event. This includes everything from initial budget development to final expenditure tracking.

Communication & Coordination: The committee liaises with other committees, lodge members, and third parties (such as vendors or performers). They are responsible for ensuring that everyone is informed about upcoming activities.

Facility Management: Depending on the event, the Lodge Activities Committee may oversee the use of lodge facilities. They plan for the resources needed and set up the space.

Evaluation & Improvement: After each event, the committee often reviews its success and looks for areas of improvement. They use these insights to plan future activities more effectively.

Community Engagement: Many Activities Committees also focus on community engagement activities, to maintain good relations with the local community and to promote the principles and values of the Elks Lodge.​

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